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Signal Jammer :Jams Annoying Cell Phone Conversations

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Signal Jammer :Jams Annoying Cell Phone Conversations

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Posted on 21st Oct 2015 @ 10:08 AM

It is a good new to people who are disturbed by cell phone conversations,the signal jammer can  jam noise from 2G 3G 4G cell phones for those who have ever wished that they could flip a switch and put an end to another person's annoying phone calls.

3G/4G All Frequency Portable Cell Phone Jammer with 5 Powerful   Antenna ( 4G LTE + 4G Wimax)

No one would be interested in content of others' conversation ,all details of their dinner,activities and other tiresome things.Some commuters complain ,they have asked the noisy makers nicely if they could keep the voice down a little,but they did not,then commuters cut the noise off. Especially for someone feel sick in bus and train,they want to fall asleep to forget the uncomfortable feeling from their bodies.So we can take the signal jammer into bag.Simply operate inside purse or pocket,cell phones can be turned off with the flip of a switch,never be able to reconnect as long as the jammer is activated.So the noisy guys have to move far enough away from the source.

Most of cell phones are using 3G 4G signal ,and the signal jammer is professional in jamming 2G 3G 4G signal.Cell phone jammer is a device that emits signal in the same frequency ranges with the phones use, creating strong interference to block transmissions.And phones can not point out what happened to them,who is blocking them,no one know what you did.But the noise cell phone conversations can be stopped unless the users keep a far way from you,or the signal jammer turned off.

Both cell phones and the signal jammer should be properly used, not only for ourselves,but also try thinking about others.