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Equal Right of Using -- Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

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Equal Right of Using -- Mobile Phone Signal Jammer

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Posted on 23rd Oct 2015 @ 9:52 AM

We know laws of mobile phone signal jammers are varied in the world,some areas restrict but some allow,and some suspend.Hong Kong and Canada have taken the problem into their account,signal jammers would be legalizing in curing bad phone behavior in public.And ,in India,they installed the devices to protect sessions from interruptions.Besides,India and Chinese widely use signal jammers for stopping cheaters in school.Even in Mexico,signal jammers are allowed in churches and hospital,in Pakistan are allowed to use in banks and libraries.

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In some countries, only military,prisons and police. have the right of using of mobile phone signal jammers.

It is understood.Signal jammers are the weapons for military to deal with roadside bomb and GPS locating and tracking.To protect government leaders,signal jammers are used to thwart attacks from cell phone-triggered bomb.It is well-known ,after inauguration of President Obama,he walked down Pennsylvania Avenue,all mobile phones were jammed --- we know ,roadside bomb is controlled by cell phones and controller,but signal jammers can block.Signal jammers also be used in Iraq to stop roadside bomb for U.S. military.

There caused a question,why the harsh laws against signal jammers apply to everyone except government officials?People consider that,not only government officials need the device,many movie theaters,restaurants and businesses also need.And,some individuals want to use signal jammers as well to do something for them.In a simple words is ,equal right of using.individuals are also facing the threaten of roadside bomb in public places,silent and private environment after a hard day work,a pure enjoyment in theater and restaurant.

Some people ask ,“Only government officials can be trusted with mobile phone signal jammer,who decided?” They need the equal right to use signal jammers.