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UHF VHF Signal Jammer :Exclusive for Walkie Talkie Radio

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UHF VHF Signal Jammer :Exclusive for Walkie Talkie Radio

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Posted on 28th Oct 2015 @ 10:22 AM

Is there any signal jammer for jamming walkie talkie radio?Although the demand is lesser than mobile phone jammers’,people want to do the same things in some times as well.UHF VHF signal jammer is exclusive for jamming walkie talkie radio.

UHF/VHF Jammer (Extreme Cool Edition)

When people concentrates on some important things,noisy is not welcomed.In schools ,commercial buildings ,hotels and hospitals,can not operate normally without,many doorkeepers and roundsmen.They take walkie talkie radio and go on patrol.If you need, I mean,those men use their working tool for chit-chat ,and you can not stand any more-- try the UHF VHF signal jammer.We can fix it in office area,rest area,apartment,sickroom,classroom (somewhere you want),and make it work withing the working time of rounfsmen or doorkeepers.When they pass through the covering rang,walkie talkie radio will be mute--the holders disable to chat via the equipment.

The “20W High Power 4 Antenna UHF VHF Signal Jammer”,it owns 4 antennas unlike many other device as it can block 4 UHF VHF frequency bands at the same time.With the high 20w high output so the covering range is up to 30meters (also be radius and depended on the strength of signals).Signals between VHF 144-174MHz ,UHF 420-480MHz of walkie talkie radios can be blocked by the signal jammer,communications in your restricted areas will be broken.

By the way,the UHF VHF Signal Jammer is only for walkie talkie radio but not for mobile phones,if you would like some all-in-one ,please inquiry to online servers before placing order.