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How to cut off the Mobile Phone signal?

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How to cut off the Mobile Phone signal?

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Posted on 2nd Nov 2015 @ 11:16 AM

With the development of society, we rely on mobile phones just like rely on our best friends.

3G/4G All Frequency Portable Cell Phone Jammer with 5 Powerful   Antenna ( 4G LTE + 4G Wimax)

We can listen to music and surfing on the Internet. We chat or play mobile games with it on hand. It is easy to carry and make our life more colorful. But there are also some opposite views. It hurt our eyes and skins. Some people get variety of health issues after they use it many years. Students would like to cheat at examination with it. And some espionage theft core data at company and so on. Because of these reasons we need to cut off the Mobile Phone signal sometimes.

Here is a Frequency Mobile Phone Jammer could cut off the signal of 3G or 4G Mobile Phones.

It is popular at these people who need to cut off the signals of the 4G to gain peaceful condition.

This 3G 4G all frequency mobile jammer owns 5 antennas. And it also could cut off the signals of the 3G, 4G (LTE) and 4G or block the normal 2G phone signals like the CDMA, GSM, DCS and PCS cell phone signals.

It is designed with a light weight and it is easy to bring out. The power supply of it is a chargeable battery. You can use it at car or secret meeting office. You can also use it to prevent students from cheating. In a word, where you need to cut off the Mobile Phone signals where you can use it!

There are two things you need to know:

First, you should use it after this 5 Antenna Handheld 3G 4G All Frequency Mobile Phone Jammer when it is fully charged and you’d better Use it when it is charging or it may strikes or reduce work time. We provide a 1 year warranty and this situation is not included.

Second, the jamming distances is varied according to the signal strength and the specific work location.

 If you are really interested in this kind of Mobile Phone Jammers you can chat with our online service at http://www.jammerall.com/. They can solve your questions and help you find the most suitable Mobile Phone Jammers for you.