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What were Brought to Workers by Digital Technology

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What were Brought to Workers by Digital Technology

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Posted on 4th Nov 2015 @ 9:53 AM

Digital technologies ,like the internet and cell phones,have transformed vast numbers of our life.Especially to workers and manufacture,they were changed a lot.Digital technology is  infiltrating to every cranny of workplaces,it brings us higher efficiency,more convenient and simpler working measures.But at the same time ,digital tools have already been a distraction in the workplace,Internet and cell phones distracted workers indeed when they are in working.So another measure cell phone jammer is profession digital mobile devices,such as tablet PC and mobile phones.It is a good way to protect workers for employers.

High Power 3G 4G Phone Jammer WiFi GPS LoJack Jammer

It is true that workers’ productivity is being dropped because of the internet and cell phones.And we know,workers in traditional workplaces are facing some kinds of dangerous machines -- they have to do because that is their jobs.Cell phones and other digital mobile devices make them distract from works and get hurt.Humans seems to live with phones,without it without funny.But in some high-risk industry ,relative about gas,dust,oil and other inflammable and explosive materials.Accident happens as long as cell phones used...Cell phone jammer must be installed in the area,more than warning words.

The signal jammer comes with powerful functions,it blocks WiFi,Bluetooth,GPS,Lojack, and 2G,3G,4G cell phones.In coverage range of the cell phone jammer,workers can not use their mobile digital devices privately,such as ,ipod ,ipad,iphone,Samsung.No calls can make and receive,no text,no social software.Employers may be relax for that,productivity may be improved,and security issues -- at least,are solve mostly by the help of cell phone jammers.

Digital technology always brings us opposite parties ,that could not be avoided.But it’s OK,we may adsorb the best and discard the dregs -- the rule is not only for industry,you know.