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Working Principle of GPS Jammer and GPS

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Working Principle of GPS Jammer and GPS

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Posted on 6th Nov 2015 @ 10:15 AM

GPS jammer is mainly for jamming GPS tracking ,and mostly used for military organizations and spy agencies.But now ,the part for public is being widely used due to people want to protect their privacy from GPS.Yes,nobody want to be tracked by GPS equipment,including his vehicle and himself,GPS jammer is able to help in jamming GPS signal.

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GPS (Global Positioning System) is a system that divided into several parts,some is for navigational purposes and military (that is so obviously and understandably),others for commercial entities and even for individuals.We are talking about the latter ,today.Due to the wide using of GPS in our cell phones,individual handheld units,vehicle navigational and other GPS devices,positioning serving systems --our privacy is precarious.Global positioning system sends out radio signals via series of earth orbiting satellites,when the signals was received by a GPS receiver,triangulation(for calculating location by its three separate points) will determine the current positioning.Our vehicle’s location will be delivered to GPS receiver with an accuracy of only inches,under triangulation.

GPS jammer emits radio frequency waves to prevent GPS devices within its coverage range from establishing and maintaining connections.Former GPS devices’ radio waves can not build new or maintain previous connections.Location data won’t be changed and updated...GPS receiver or the one who want to track us,is unable to get our position any more.That is the simple working principle of GPS jammer.

For individuals using,you may consider some mini or portable GPS jammer to prevent GPS tracking exclusively,easy take and simple operate;for commercial using in some special occasions,please take some stationary models into your account,thus models are also powerful in jamming other device ,such as cell phones,walkie talkie radio,spy video and so on :