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Handheld Car Using GPS Mobile Phone Jammer

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Handheld Car Using GPS Mobile Phone Jammer

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Posted on 13th Nov 2015 @ 9:37 AM

GPS equipment in car always comes with a SIM card to track and grasp the path and location of user for signal receiver.No matter where your vehicle is in,it can’t avoid ,get rid of GPS tracking,unless you take a GPS mobile phone jammer into your car.From name of the device,we know it blocks both GPS tracking and SIM signals,then NO tracking and NO identity located.

5-Band Portable GPS & Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Turn on the mobile phone jammer before your vehicle starts,jamming signal from the device will cover up even up to 25 meters.Connection between GPS signal emitter and receiver is broken,no exit no data transmission.GPS jammer emits radio frequency waves to prevent GPS devices within its coverage range from establishing and maintaining connections.Former GPS devices’ radio waves can not build new or maintain previous connections.Location data won’t be changed and updated...GPS receiver or the one who want to track us,is unable to get our position any more.That is the simple working principle of GPS jammer.Secures the area and protects GPS equipment and cell phones use with the most popular of our combination -- GPSL1 & 2G cell phones signal jammer.And another intimate design is ,the signal jammer has a built in fan to keep the unit cool during extended periods of use,as well as switch selectable setting ,so we can choose the channels what we want to block.

That is why we recommend you the GPS Mobile phone jammer to prevent from GPS tracking.