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Signal Jammer for Jamming VHF UHF Signals

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Signal Jammer for Jamming VHF UHF Signals

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Posted on 17th Nov 2015 @ 9:54 AM

This signal jammer is exclusive for jamming VHF UHF walkie talkie radio. The device has four antennas,four bands.To every band,output power is 10 watt,40 watt in totally.With this high output power,the signal jammer is able to expand a wide jamming coverage from 5 meters to 10 meters (also depended on the current environment and barriers ).So when we want to purchase and install the signal jammer,we should have took the all factors into our account, including jamming range,barriers and others that might influence on performance of the device.And then decide how many signal jammers we shall buy,where the devices shall be fixed in so that can get the best jamming effect.

Signal Jammer AC Power Adaptor -UHF VHF Jammer Power Adaptor

We know VHF UHF signals are used by walkie talkie radio to make communications in a definite range come true ,besides,low frequency bands VHF and UHF can be used as tracking signal.But it doesn’t matter,the signal jammer can blocked that as well.

VHF 140 MHz - 180 Mhz and UHF 420 MHz - 480 MHz,are included into its jamming range,it means,the signal jammer can jam almost of VHF UHF devices.Like the working principle of cell phone jammer,the walkie talkie signal jammer emits a jamming signal within its covering area,UHF VHF signal transmitter and receiver’s connection will be broken.They will be fooled to think that there are no frequency available to make and receive calls.New connection won’t be built and currents will be blocked.Walkie talkie radios can’t work can’t connect to each other any more.That is how the signal jammer block VHF UHF signals.

In additional ,the signal jammer was designed to jam Lojack 173.075 MHz,so it helps us to jam devices that use the frequency as well.