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Hidden Radio Style Audio Jammer

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Hidden Radio Style Audio Jammer

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Posted on 20th Nov 2015 @ 9:49 AM

Recording pens,watches,glasses and other types of recorder and detectaphone always make people hard to guard against with,especially for those business men who want to keep their trade secrets. To anti voice recorders and detectaphones ,we would like to recommend the hidden radio style audio jammer ,it looks like normal radio ,white outer case,a big round “loudspeaker”.When we take it away with us or put it in the meeting room, no one would think that is an audio jammer -- that is so convenient for us to prevent some guys record content of the whole conversation.

White Noise Generator Jammer blocks Audio Voice Recorders Anti-spy gadget

The hidden audio jammer is a noise generator,it can block all kinds of digital and tape voice recorders.It emits voiceband noise and acoustic interference so that to jam listening ,recording devices.Normal connection of audio recorder will be blocked ,nothing recorded just only noisy.If we play the voice file,it is impossible to get conversations’ content ,even can not distinguish who is the voices’ owner,man’s or woman’s voice.So we can say the recorder loses value,it’s owner can get some valueless information.On the other hand,we also can put the audio jammer into coat pocket,bag,portfolio,handbag ,give it full charged batteries before we reach at the destination and start conversations.The device needs 3 pairs of batteries to stand by.Covering range is from 1 meter to 10 meters .In the area,all voice recorder can’t work normal,means,they can’t provide normal voice files to the owner.

The hidden radio style audio jammer is exclusive for those people who don’t wanna their intentions known by others,but have to protect themselves from spy voice recorders.