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How Cops Break into Cars of Suspects

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How Cops Break into Cars of Suspects

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Posted on 24th Nov 2015 @ 11:47 AM

Cops,how to break into suspects’ cars without causing any attention in a short and limit time?It looks like a problem of technology. Yes ,indeed.The problem can be solved simply by a small gadget,signal jammer.It helps cops to break into cars in a second and none damage. .An attention you should know before using,the signal jammer cannot unlock those cars that have been locked and locked by physical key.Means suspects use electronic locking and did not been locked before the device working.

433MHz Car Remote Control Jammer

Most of modern cars use electronic locking,so that won’t be a problem to cops.The only ones is to have a correct judgement on the path of suspects and docking stations.Hide in car and wait there.Turn on the signal jammer when the suspects got off and began to press the remote key...And,there is not only one car of suspects was jammed,if they have dozen cars,also be jammed and kept in unlocking.Of course,the device can form a false appearance -- cars seem have been locked in fact not.

In a radius about 50 meters ,cars can not be locked when the signal jammer worked (cars should not have been locked and locked by physical key before the device works).So that cops can get the chance to break into cars of suspects.The signal jammer works by jamming the radio frequency 433MHz that used by car fobs to lock vehicle remotely.Former connection of car and remote key was jammed by signals emitted from the device,car electronic locking can’t obey orders of remote key,although it works just like normally.

By the way,the signal jammer is handheld design,and looks like a normal remote controller,that is good at covering plainclothes police.