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Mini GPS Signal Blocker in Car Charger Type

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Mini GPS Signal Blocker in Car Charger Type

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Posted on 27th Nov 2015 @ 9:57 AM

This is a mini GPS signal blocker different with others,it is not a normal cube or cuboid box -- instead of a car cigarette lighter,well ,we call it Car Charger Type.Very useful and convenient,this GPS signal blocker can help your vehicle to keep away from GPS tracking ,forever or suspend ,that’s up to you.

Mini GPS Satellite Isolator

GPS equipment is necessary to our vehicles ,but sometimes we need be alone without no one knows where we have been and where we are now ...That is for general condition,for abnormal ,such as tracked by bad guys via GPS equipment,then we need to get rid of them -- both the two conditions,GPS signal blocker can help to solve.

Power supplied by car battery,when you need the device please put it into your car interface just like a car charger.Then the GPS signal blocker begins to work automatically, work principle of GPS signal sender and receiver will be broken ...GPS equipment can’t connect to ground control center and GPS satellite,the whole tracking system can’t form a driving circuit,neither can’t locate.On another showing hand ,trackers even do know the car has moved.No signal ,no data can the tracker obtain.Besides,the GPS jammer can block GPS tracking software from cell phones.

When you need GPS equipment return to work ,you can pull-out the device .Note that,the GPS signal blocker is used in car only ,not handheld design -- you know it needs power but it comes without battery and supplied by car battery .If you need some other portable models you may visit our website for more information.