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Handheld Style Power Bluetooth WIFI Wireless Video Audio Jammer

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Handheld Style Power Bluetooth WIFI Wireless Video Audio Jammer

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Posted on 18th Dec 2015 @ 9:51 AM

The signal jammer helps us to jam wireless video audio and WIFI ,Bluetooth equipment.The signal jammer is designed for personal,portable and convenient so that goes with us to provide protection.

Portable High Power Wifi,Bluetooth,Wireless Video Audio Signal Blocker

All wireless video audio electronic products that work via wireless LAN (1.0G 980MHZ-1100MHZ;1.2G 1100 MHZ-1200 MHZ;1.3 1240-1360 HMZ),WIFI and Bluetooth (2400MHZ-2500MHZ) can be disabled by the wireless video audio jammer.We can say that the signal jammer is an perfect choice to maintain privacy in the modern society.

As the low 2 W output power,the maximal jamming range of the device is 20 meters,it can disable nothing out of the range.So if the targets are not in a suitable distance,the signal jammer can’t help us unless we take it and close to the targets with it’s working range.Don’t have to worry about anything,the jammer is small enough to be concealed in a pocket,briefcase and bag ,and used inconspicuously.

If you want to keep your secret and privacy of meetings,hotel rooms ,washing rooms,dressing rooms ,restrooms from wireless video audio equipment,you may take a wireless video audio jammer to be your private protector.

Give it a full charging before using,it will keep protecting your about 90 minutes when you are in those places where there are some wireless hidden,spy cameras and camcorders.So that ,videos of you and your voice can not be made and transferred to bad guys.