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Introduction to High Power Cell Phone Jammer

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Introduction to High Power Cell Phone Jammer

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Posted on 12th Jul 2011 @ 7:33 PM

Cell phone jammer has been put into use in various places. However, the most popular cell phone jammer is low powered, it cannot cover an area such large places like a prison, a hospital, an oil field and so on. A high power cell phone jammer thus becomes a necessity to the places in high demand of safety. A high power cell phone jammer can be used to block the transmission and reception of signals in a large scale.

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As it is known to us all, the radiation from the cell phones can exert influence upon our daily life. For example, in the hospital, the cell phones can affect the function of some highly sophisticated advanced equipment, for instance the cardiac pacemaker and the ECG recorder, which may lead to the wrong clinical diagnosis. In the high-risk areas, such as the oil filed and petrol station, the usage of cell phones may result in the explosion, which is unpredictably harmful. The criminals in prison may smuggle goods and do other evil things via cell phone communication. In regard of the area of these places, a low-power cell phone jammer cannot work out effectively in eliminating the potential dangers. Instead, a high-power cell phone jammer is efficient in getting rid of the problem once and for all and helps to avoid the further consequences caused by the cell phone as well.


Compared with the normal cell phone jammers, the high power cell phone jammers have the advantages as follows: firstly, the antenna of high power cell phone jammer allows the users to arrange the jamming coverage according to the individual needs in a flexible way. The options left for the normal ones are relatively small. Secondly, the installation of high power cell phone jammer is easy to operate, users are also glad to see the low possibility of cell phone jammer damage. While the normal ones are required to be installed in the surveillance area, and anybody can damage it easily. Thirdly, in terms of power supply, the UPS and battery will back up the high power cell phone jammer for protection in case of main power failure. The normal cell phone jammer will not have the backup available and thus it is energy-consuming. Fourthly, the high power cell phone jammer is usually controlled by a remote control system so that the operation can be controlled by the authorized personnel. The normal cell phone jammer is available to anyone and endangers the safety of the whole system.


The ideal tool for the prisons, military, hospitals and oil field. Better to be secure than to suffer. Choose the right high power cell phone jammer at our website http://www.jammerall.com/.