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Wireless Video & WiFi Signal Jammer

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Wireless Video & WiFi Signal Jammer

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Posted on 25th Dec 2015 @ 9:52 AM

Jamming Wireless Video signals and WiFi signals are the main works of the portable signal jammer. It is portable design for working inside and outside,stands about 90 minutes after full charged.But if you are on the go,you can put it into your car cigarette;if you make it work in a hotel room,AC charger will provide it the full power.

High Power Wireless Video and WIFI Jammer

You may block WiFi signal around you up to 20 meters when it works ,the signal jammer helps to form a protection area from WIFI signals and wireless video spy cameras.For WiFi,if you found some unclean WIFi source is trying to access your mobile devices,to get your information,to spread some bad pictures or info,to advertise some unknown products and service,you need the WIFI signal jammer’s help and protection.As we mentioned before,it can provide you about 20 meters safe zone without any unclean and unsafe WiFi environment.You know,that is not only for you,people around you also can benefit from the WiFi signal jammer.

This is not a simple WiFi signal jammer,it is a wireless video signal jammer ,too.All wireless video audio electronic products that work via wireless LAN 1.0G 980MHZ-1100MHz,1.2G 1100MHZ-1200MHz can be disabled by the signal jammer -- it is really a perfect choice maintain privacy in the modern society.Not only the meeting room ,but also the hotel room,dressing room and washing room need protection of the wireless video signal jammer from wireless spy cameras.

Anyway,it is a TWO IN ONE signal jammer,you can make it jam Wireless video signal or WiFi signal via switching channels,even jam the two together.