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Mini Car Charger GPS Signal Jammer

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Mini Car Charger GPS Signal Jammer

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Posted on 29th Dec 2015 @ 9:40 AM

The mini car charger GPS signal jammer is designed for vehicle to prevent tracking from GPS.It is not a car charger in fact ,just looks like...Usage is the same with car charger ,put into to use and push to stop.

Vehicle Car Anti Tracker Mini GPS Jammer Blocker

In the modern world ,we are facing the problem that tracked by GPS equipment including software on smart phones.If you doubt you are being tracking by phone GPS software,the first response is turn your phone into flight mode.Don’t mean to scare you but that dose not work in fact .There are two operation systems of every mobile phone,one is for cellular network and another for users.Flight mode just bans the second function,can do nothing to the connection of mobile phones and network.Even if without sending GPS coordinates,you are still tracked and discovered.Only if your mobile phone relates to base stations,you are tracked.Another situation is ,your vehicle is tracked by GPS equipment.Your vehicle has been a target of GPS system,as long as it moves,it tracked -- hard to get rid of GPS.

So,you need the mini car charger GPS signal jammer to solve the problem.With the covering range 2 to 10 meters,it forms a protection for your vehicle from GPS.Meanwhile,if you smart phone can escape from the tracking as well.The mini GPS signal jammer emits radio frequency waves to break establishing and maintaining connections.Location data won’t be changed and updated...GPS receiver or the one who want to track us is unable to get our position any more.At last,the mini car charger GPS signal jammer now jams GPS L1 1500 MHz-1600 MHz as so far.