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Portable Dual Bands 315MHz 433MHz Remote Control Jammer

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Portable Dual Bands 315MHz 433MHz Remote Control Jammer

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Posted on 5th Jan 2016 @ 9:57 AM

315MHz 433MHz is a dual bands remote control jammer ,small size and portable in hand,for dealing with cars,TV remotes,drones,garage doors ,air conditioner and electronic toys.And other which work with frequencies 315MHz and 433MHz.

100 Meters Portable High power 315MHz 433MHz Car Remote Control Jammer

Most of car electronic keys work via the two radio channels,so the remote control jammer can effectively jamming the order of closing car,within the device’s working.That helps cops in most of time to get into targets’ car.It will break the communication between car controller and car lock.When the controller wants to make the lock work,the remote control jammer detects the signals and emits the jamming signals to break the new coming orders.So the car lock can not receive the locking order ,but there is a fake appearance -- the car was locked as usually.

About drones,the device can disable as well to avoid spy cameras from drones -- as long as them included in 315MHz and 433MHz.The remote control jammer works via a battery,not a powerful device ,but it is enough for personal using.We can put it into bag and make it work when we are moving,to jam cars’ key,drones and other remote control electronics.The maximum covering range of the device is 100 meters.The device keeps about a 50 radius areas under its protection.Drones is not allowed to access the zone until the device stop working.You may keep enjoying your picnic and time on grass ,beach,wood from boring drones.