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New Coming Powerful Full Bands Signal Jammer

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New Coming Powerful Full Bands Signal Jammer

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Posted on 15th Jan 2016 @ 9:56 AM

14 Antennas Adjustable 3G 4G Cellphone Signal Blocker & WiFi GPS UHF VHF & Full Bands Signal Jammer is a new coming but powerful signal jammer for all bands,includes almost of signals.From the appearance,the new coming signal jammer has a common outer casing ,except for the 14 antennas,more than other jammers.

6 Antenna 3G Cell phone & LOJACK Jammer

But from the functions -- the ability and scope of jamming ,it is different with others,compeleter than others.Of course ,the new coming signal jammer can jam almost of mobile phone except 5G,General 2G signals CDMA/GSM 851-960MHz,DCS/PCS:1805-1990MHz,and 3G 3110-2170MHz,complete all 4G signals for global users,LTE 725-770 MHz,790-826 MHz,1710-1770MHz,Wimax 2345 -2400MHz 2620-2690 MHz.The powerful new coming signal jammer will emits signals in same frequencies to jam mobile phones,you can choose the corresponding jamming signals for different working net’s mobile phones,2G ,3G or 4G ,even all.

WiFi and Bluetooth that work via 2400-2500MHz,also be jammed by the full bands signal jammer.This is an additional function of blocking mobile phones to prevent the smart device get searching in net and other communication software,or transfer data via Bluetooth.

Also works to walkie talkie radio equipment as if it work via VHF 135 -174MHz UHF 400-470 MHz.And,how about GPS tacking electronics ?More one frequency than others ,the full bands signal jammers can jam both GPS L1 1570 - 1580 MHz,GPS L2 - GPS L5 1170 -1280 MHz --it never forget Lojack 167 -175 MHz.

The full bands signal jammer adopts a professional technology to synthesize all frequencies in one device,customers just need to get one but jam all signals.