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Amazing!How Dare the "Mouse" Tracks the "Cat" with GPS Equipment?

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Amazing!How Dare the "Mouse" Tracks the "Cat" with GPS Equipment?

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Posted on 22nd Jan 2016 @ 9:54 AM

The "cat" is a radio monitoring vehicle that belongs to a province’s administrative department,and the “mouse”,you know,are from dark side that emit or build fake base stations,unapproved radio (advertisements).We know ,works of radio monitoring vehicles is only one ,that is keep driving and ferret out those unapproved radio ,and then arrest "mouse".Usually,mouse can't keep far from monitoring vehicle any more,but mouse in the case is so smart to track cat vehicle with GPS equipment to know the driving path.

High Power Portable GPS (GPS L1/L2/L3/L4/L5) Jammer

Staffs on monitoring vehicle found a strange signal appeared on monitor display,when they kept driving and going for the signal ,it disappeared...The similar signals appeared and disappeared in next days.They doubted something ,but found nothing.The situation lasted for a couple days ,they found a black box under the the vehicle -- magnetic type car GPS...So the mouse know where and when the car comes -- do some works before that to avoiding found out and arrested.How dare the mouse...

But it did that indeed.So ,monitoring and executive tools (vehicles) also need a protecting tools.For the case,the monitoring vehicle needs a GPS jammer.We recommend one jammer that can jam almost of GPS signals:GPSL1:1500-1600MHz, GPSL2:1220-1230MHz, GPSL3:1200-1210MHz,GPSL4:1250-1280MHz, GPSL5:1170-1180MHz.In the time of working (monitoring and executive),it can protect itself well.GPS jammer emits radio frequency waves to prevent GPS devices within its coverage range from establishing and maintaining connections.Former GPS devices’ radio waves can not build new or maintain previous connections.Location data won’t be changed and updated...GPS receiver or the one who want to track us is unable to get our position any more.That is the simple working principle of GPS jammer.