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New Cell Phone Be Used In the Public Place

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New Cell Phone Be Used In the Public Place

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Posted on 29th Jan 2016 @ 10:07 AM

A cell phone jammer is an instrument used to prevent cellular phone from receiving signals from base station. When used, the jammer effectively disables cellular phones. These devices can be used in practically any location, but are found primarily in places where a phone call would be particularly disruptive because silence is expected.

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We should know how it works. All cell phones which use GSM800 have their transmitted and received frequencies always separated by 45MHz. So when the mobile phone tries to call, it is blocked by its own signal returning to it! Isn’t that cool? When the phone blabber annoys you – turn your jammer on and that wrongdoer will hear own voice in his or her cell phone.

In our day to day life, the usage of cell phones has increased enormously. So at present, silence and security are the need of hour in many places. This can be done by using cell phone jammers which blocks all the signals. A Florida high school science teacher was suspended for a week without pay after he used a signal jammer to kill access to students’ cell phone in class. For example, Dean Liptak, a former pro wrestler and current teacher at Fivay High School in Hudson, Fla., decided to deliver a smack down to distracted students when he used the jammer for three days beginning March 31, the Tampa Bay Times reported. The other one new is “The cell phone provider came to the campus and asked to search the campus, so at that point in time administration believed it was a student that might have had this device,” school spokeswoman Betsy Kuhn told Bay News 9.

Apart from the cell phone jammer be used in the school, it is also used in the company office. For instance, one company has a strict no cell phone use policy while we are on premises and working. People have been let go for having their phones out in the open and to stop people from covertly using their phone they would use cell phone jammers on the property.

The new design of an enhanced technique for jamming the cell phone signals. Our main objective is to concentrate on a specific band of frequency, which makes the communication possible, by jamming this frequency we effectively blocks out the signals that are responsible for making calls. This method enables the jammer to be more precise and effective, so precise that it can focus on individual network and specific area. The major advancement will be that emergency services can be availed which is very crucial in case of any calamity and also it has a lesser power consumption than existing models. This technique has infinite potentials and sure can this be modified to match all our imaginations. The more detail you can see in the http://www.jammerall.com/.