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How To Install Mobile Phone Signal Jammer In Prison You Must Know

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How To Install Mobile Phone Signal Jammer In Prison You Must Know

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Posted on 2nd Feb 2016 @ 9:00 AM

As we all know, the criminal is not allowed using the mobile phone in the prison or in the detention center. Actually, there are many prison of all over the world have the problem that is they can’t forbid the mobile was used in the prison totally. There are also a few criminals contact with outside by the mobile phone secretly that they still do some crime. Just like this phenomenon was exist for many years. How to solve this difficult issue, the answer will be have to install one mobile phone signal jammer in the prison.

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How should we install the mobile phone signal jammer in the prison that can have it do the nice job. We have to find the suitable way for it. As you know the condition of the prisons were very complicated. In general, there are offices of guards, workshops and event plaza for the criminals, the dormitory of the criminal in the prison. In the normal, the offices of guards don’t need to shield the signal but need to shield the signal in the workshops, event plaza and dormitory.


Firstly, the installation programs for the workshops are very potty and simple, because the workshops are always the open place. We just need to install one mobile phone signal jammer on the wall of open place every thirty meters in each floor. The height can’t over three meters, just need the conform the length and width, quantity of the workshops before that we can estimate the quantity of mobile phone signal jammer we have to install. However, it is difficult install the mobile phone signal jammer in dormitory. Because of a lot of concrete wall that have to increase jammer to comply shielded signal’s penetration. So we have to install one jammer in every fifteen meters of corridor each floor that can insure the jammer comply shield. In addition, if find there are some blind during installing, we will choice install many jammer on the outer wall of the dormitory. But we need to consider about waterproof before, and conforming the quantity of dormitory than can known the quantity of jammers.

Finally, let’s talk about how to install mobile phone signal jammer in the event plaza. We can choice high-power jammer which is over 60W, the high-power jammer will have some problem when install. The problem is high-power jammer will affect the guards offices, so the jammer in the place where close the office can precise adjust the radius that we don’t afraid it. The same as it, if the jammer in the prison are affect resident who nearly by the prison, we also can choice the precision regulated jammer or using directional antenna. By the way, we also need to note that the jammer in the prison or detention center must have the features for anti damage.

Why shouldn’t use the high-power inside the prison, that is easy to understand it is due to the complicated condition and the concrete wall was very thick. So the high-power jammer is best choice in the large place, but there are some blends in some place, it should need the low-power jammer complement. So we recommend you find the suitable mobile phone signal jammer from http://www.jammerall.com/.