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How To Protect Your Privacy, The Audio Recording Jammer Can Answer You

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How To Protect Your Privacy, The Audio Recording Jammer Can Answer You

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Posted on 19th Feb 2016 @ 9:00 AM

Audio recording pen can help us recording some work, learning or something of the life that can bring some convenience to us. That is the reason why it so popular in life. But when we talk with others, you may talk about some content or learn is privacy, so you won’t want somebody is recording them by the audio recording pen. Now more and more audio recording pen in the market, there are various kinds and different size, the smallest is the same as a pen. If someone insist on recording even you combat him, he also can do that we can’t realize. How can I do in this situation.

Audio Recorder Jammer + 8 Meters

According to the previous test, the method is for shield the audio recorder work is not much. Because the audio recorder is already consider about shield issue when it was designed, so its anti-interference performance better than before. I remember one test was done in 2007, a audio recorder from Korea when it was recording, it can working normally under natural conditions, but if we put a magnet whom diameter is 40 millimeter next to it, the audio recorder would be interfered that recording the blurred voice in finally. Because of the magnetic field disturb it. As you know, if there is one small motor that the interference effect is stronger than it.

How should we shield the audio recorder working normally? Up to now, many designer of the audio recorder all consider about this issue, so they specially aim at this point when design it. Now even the motor next to the audio recorder, there is just little deviation between recording voice and the actual voice. But there is also some factory have specially developed audio recording jammer for a few user’s need. These audio recording jammers can effective interference audio recorder working normally.

How does the audio recording jammer work? For this question, we have done the test before. We used audio recording jammer shield the audio recorder who was working then saw how it is going. When we turn up the audio recording jammer, the recording voice is really bad that we can’t hear clear what are the people talking about. This audio recording jammer is working with the magnetic principle and radiation theory that is to shield the voice frequency. It is very good at shield the audio recorder and audio etc equipment. If you don’t want any one recording what you talk when you are talking with others, the audio recording jammer is the best option for you, you can use it achieve keeping your privacy. If you need, you could find the high quality audio recording jammer here.