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A New All Bands Signal Jammer

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A New All Bands Signal Jammer

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Posted on 23rd Feb 2016 @ 10:02 AM

This is a very very complete new signal jammer for all bands,also be adjustment and stationary style.

Adjustable 14 Antennas Powerful 3G 4G Phone Blocker &WiFi UHF VHF GPS Lojack All Bands Signal Jammer

Why we say it is an all bands signal jammer,and what they are ?For jamming cell phones,all cell phone signals (but not 5G cell phones):2G CDMA/GSM 851-960MHZ,DCS/PCS:1805-1990MHz,3G 2110-2170MHz,4G LTE 725-770 MHz & 790-826MHz & 1710 -1770 MHz, and with Wimax 2345-2400MHz 2620 - 2690 MHz.For jamming WiFi/Bluetooth 2400 -2500 MHz.Those are almost signals for cell phones’ communication ways,forbids connection there will be.

Is that all ?Certainly not.If you are in need of jamming radio walkie-talkies,it dose help ,too.Great pressure makes people feel wakeful even they were tired enough.Can’t get sleep well and feel dysphoric ,if there is a little noisy -- voice of inspectors comes from corridor and gets into your ears.No matter what the reasons are,the all bands signal jammer will help you block walkie-talkie if you don’t like it really.The device can block VHF 135 -174 MHz,VHF 400 -470 MHZ the two kinds of walkie-talkie signal.

The last is for GPS tracking and Lojack equipment.We all know GPS,but most of us don’t know Lojack,it is a new favorite in the tracking field.Although we shall thanks for their contributions in the modern world,they help us really in fact,some guys use the devices it to track and follow us without permission and knowing.It is dangerous to every one.So,we make the all bands signal jammer get an ability in solving the problem ,breaking and blocking signals of GPS L1 1570-1580 mhz,GPS L2 -L5 1170-1280 MHz ,Lojack 167-175MHz.

There are 14 Omindirection Antennas for all bands,and you may choose some of them or all of them working ,adjust power’s of every signal frequencies to reach the maximum covering range of 50 meters.