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Come here for the three-in-one functions jammer device

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Come here for the three-in-one functions jammer device

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Posted on 8th Mar 2016 @ 9:47 AM

There are various jammers sold in the market. However, most of them owns the function of blocking a certain signal, such as mobile phone signal or GPS signal or Bluetooth signal or others. Have you ever considered that when you need to block mobile phone signal, Bluetooth signal and GPS signal, what device can you turn to for help? Well, there is a jammer which can do all the work. It is the 15W high power 6 antenna mobile phone GPS bluetooth jammer which is a three-in-one jammer.

15W 6 Antenna Mobile Phone GPS WiFi Jammer
Imagine that you are on holiday and don’t want to be bothered. You turn on your cell phone, then a call from some stranger comes to you. Won’t you get angry? Then you connect the bluetooth device in your cell phone and someone within ten meters find you and want to make friends with you? Won’t you get doubted and hesitated? As you are a micro blogger, you fall into the habit of recording your experiences everyday and as we know the smart phone is so advanced now that it can do automatic positioning. Won’t you be afraid when revealing your personal information?  The situations above are very common in our daily life now. As for the first situation, you need a mobile phone signal jammer , as for the second, you need a Bluetooth jammer and as for the last, you need a GPS jammer. What about you encounter the three situations at the same time? Is it necessary to buy three kinds of different jammers in advance. Definitely not. With the three-in-one function jammer now, you don’t need to waste your money any more.

The 15W high power 6 antenna mobile phone GPS Bluetooth jammer is composed of a white cubiod box and six black antennas. Five antennas are on the same side and the last one is on the other side. This is a little different from most common jammers.

The three-in-one function is the most distinguished feature of this device. It can block mobile phone signal, Bluetooth signal and GPS signal at the same time.
However, this device does more than just that.

The six antennas can block six frequency bands at the same time. They are GPS WiFi GSM DCS PCS 3G respectively. Compared with most jammers which can only block one or two frequency bands or five frequency bands at most, this one is really more powerful.

Since that a jammer can block mobile phone or GPS signal in a certain area, then you may wonder within what range can this jammer block signals. Well, it depends. According to the signal strength in different places, this one can block signals within 40 meters at most.

Most electronic devices will give out heat when being used for a long time. Is it also the same with this jammer? Well, it is not a problem for you to worry at all. Due to the cooling system installed into the jammer, it can continuously work for a long time without producing high temperature.

Another thing worth mentioning that it can work normally regardless the extreme weather conditions with its working temperature varies from -40 to  +55 degree centigrade.

Don’t you think that this three-in-one design of the jammer can save a lot of your time and money? Don’t you think it is convenient in our daily life? Don’t you think that its design is special and cool? If all your answers to the above questions are yes, then you can have one for yourself. You can go to www.jammerall.com  where 15W high power 6 antenna mobile phone GPS Bluetooth jammer is sold with good quality and at best price.