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Long working distance audio jammers with high accuracy are here

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Long working distance audio jammers with high accuracy are here

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Posted on 22nd Mar 2016 @ 9:47 AM

Nowadays, as the illegal activities of swindle, the monitoring and stealing become frequent and complicated, people are also trying diversified ways to keep their privacy safe and secrecy. The efforts may varies when different devices are being tested and the audio recording jammer displaying here, which possess the endurable working hour, the accurate signal catching, and the long working distance, will certainly be your best friend for you to keep away from scanning and interference.

Audio Recorder Jammer + 8 Meters

This is a professional manufactured audio recording jammer that aimed at the wrongful recording of the conversation that people intended to keep private. This is designed especially for blocking them working with the audio cassette recorders, the audio digital recorders or the recording pen. It works with the transmitting of the jamming long time noise interruptions. By the operation of this, you can avoid from being eavesdropped by many audio devices of mini types. As an device with flexible application and wide range of usage, you can put this jammer as the desktop device in the book room, the office, and other circumstances. Items of suitable size can also be put on the top.

Through the reference and the assessment of the audio recorders of various types, this jammer will be easily suitable for many suppression and work with the adaptable parameters of the noise interference. Also, with the special design, this will show the clock instead of showing its actual operation. In this way, you can hide the confidential information from the thieves who try to obtain them.

Moreover, this jammer is mainly working for the overhearing with the tools such as cassette recorder and digital recorder only, and the normal mobile phone audio recording will not be influenced by this, which will ensure for an independent working of both devices at the same time. At the first glance, you will see that this jammer is being designed in the dimension of 290*210*30 mm, which is suitable with the weight of 2.5kg. Its influence distance for the cassette recorder is up to 8 meters and 0.5-1 meters for the digital recorders inmost cases because the actual jamming distance will be varied depending on the signal strength and the use location and if full charges. It also allows for the enduring working time up to 3 hours.

For the costumers, here are the tips that acquire the attention. As the jammer without cooling fan, it is not suitable to use it during the charging. This is unavailable before it is full charged or it will burn the jammer as it has no built-in fan.. Also, the jamming performance, which is connected with the jammer antenna direction located on the right side of the jammer if you look towards the display panel, will be varied if the direction is not the same with the recorder location.