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Get you freedom back and protect your privacy

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Get you freedom back and protect your privacy

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Posted on 29th Mar 2016 @ 9:42 AM

In the information explosion era, the science technology has brought us convenience and joy. The electronic products can make us feel that we are together even when we are apart from each other. They can help us to know each other even we have never seen each other. They can also help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our work. We may think that we cannot live without the electronic products, in the meanwhile, some of us find them disturbing and annoying because we want some room and freedom for ourselves, while we may often be disturbed by the electronic products. We sometimes even feel threatened by the electronic products, because privacy of our lives has met with the threat from the advanced technology phones. So it is high time that we should equip us with Controllable Handheld 3G Cell Phone WiFi Jammer & All GPS Signal Jammers.

Selectable Portable 3G Cell Phone WiFi Jammer & GPS Signal Jammer

The first advantage of this Controllable Handheld 3G Cell Phone WiFi Jammer & All GPS Signal Jammer is that it is so portable that you can take it to any where you want. The total weight of it is only 500 g and the dimensions of the device are 127/250x75x34mm. So it will only occupy a little room of your desk. And if you want to take it with you, you can go head. You can put it into your car or put it into your carrying bag. Then you just keep the WiFi and the mobile phone signal away from you. You can enjoy reading an old book and gain the wisdom from the intelligent people. You can go to visit a place without disturbing from your phone. Most simply, you can enjoy an enough long and wonderful sleep when you are too tired.

Though with a portable design, the GPS signal jammer owns the high power of blocking CDMA GSM DCS PCS 3G GPS etc frequency bands of signals at the same time with 15 meters radius. We all feel that it is getting harder and harder to protect our privacy with so many high-tech electronic products around us. So this device is invented and improved to help us in this kind of issue. Once the device turns on, you won’t be tracked by any updated tracing devices and your privacy is protected well in the working range of this product. Moreover, it is also an adjustable 3G mobile phone jammer which allows you to select what kind of frequencies you want to prevent from working at every moment of time. You can block any one kind of signal band as you like with the flexible control.

Hope you can get along well with the electronic products with a Controllable Handheld 3G Cell Phone WiFi Jammer & All GPS Signal Jammer.