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Is the RF jammer suitable for school?

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Is the RF jammer suitable for school?

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Posted on 12th Apr 2016 @ 9:59 AM

Nowadays it is no longer strange for us to see the students playing their phones and other electronic products at school. There is no doubt that the students can learn more about what is happening all over the world through the internet, they can search for more information as well as keep in touch with their families and friends. These are what we want to see as the motivation of buying kids phones and other electronic products. But in reality, these functions do not play the leading role in the using of smart phones and electronic products. Most of their time they spend on the smarts phones and electronic products are being used to play games, visit the social contact application or watch movies and videos. So there is always a heated debate over whether students can bring their smart phones and electronic products to school and can the radio frequency jammer be installed at school.

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It has become a serious concern for teachers and administrators of schools that more and more students are bring mobile phones and various kinds of electronic products to school. If students can use them to do the right things at the right time, the smart phones and electronic products can be good tools to help the students study and contact with their parents. While there is always difference between the hope and reality. In class, some students are not paying attention to what is their teacher saying. Instead, they are holding their phones secretly to chat with their friends or play mobile phone games. Off class, some students are not exercising or taking part in outdoor activities any more. They are doing their own things with their mobile phones. These have severely influence the students study and health.

What is more important is that more and more students are using the smart phones and electronic products to cheat in the exams. Because they do not listen to their teachers carefully in the classes and they spend too much time in playing their smart phones and electronic products instead of doing their homework and studying for the tests. To pass the exam, some of them have no choice but to turn to cheating. While the smart phones happen to be the best tools to search for information and contact with each other. Thus the smart phones and electronic products become the helper in students’ cheating.

So it is high time to equip the test rooms with radio frequency jammers to prevent students from cheating. As for installing them in the classroom at the daily time, administrators should debate more and take the laws into consideration. There is doubt that if the radio frequency jammers are used properly, they can of course help the teachers and students.