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Multipurpose High Power Signal Jammer with 50 Meters Coverage

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Multipurpose High Power Signal Jammer with 50 Meters Coverage

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Posted on 18th May 2016 @ 11:57 AM

Is it possible to jam 2G 3G 4G cell phones ,WIFI,GPS Lojack and UHF VHF at the same time with one signal jammer ?The 14 antennas multipurpose jammer makes it be possible,we can turn on all  or some buttons to wake them up ,can turn up and down of the output power of each bands.

Adjustable 14 Antennas Powerful 3G 4G Phone Blocker &WiFi UHF VHF GPS Lojack All Bands Signal Jammer

Sometimes,we have to stop cell phones in some place to keep quite,examination room and churches ,for example.Yes,cell phone are not welcomed in such places and situations like that.After failed in persuading,we have to take action ,such us ,using a signal jammer to carry out our point.Just need a simple cell phone jammer can deal with the problem even with WIFI...But what we image now is ,if there are some wireless walkie - talkie noising ?It seems not enough and working for a simple cell phone jammer.So we took the factor into account when we designed the multipurpose jammer.This will be suitable for using in examination room,we all know the reason clearly so no need to repeat it...The third factor is about GPS and Lojack signals.That is good to track people while someone missing,but it also works for evildoers,it helps them to follow ,track and locate people.Tracking and locating software is always from our mobile phone,but no matter where they are from,the multipurpose jammer can jam GPS and Lojack signals well only if the device works via(GPSL1:1570-1580MHz,GPSL2-GPSL5:1170-1282MHz, Lojack:167-175MHz ).

The signal jammer has a high 35w output power,so it forms a maximum 50 meters coverage.Certainly,we provide a customizing service,you may tell us what frequencies you want to jam and don’t,and output power of respective bands,we will do as you requested.