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Create the environment of safe and peace by using the high power wireless anti-explosion jammer

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Create the environment of safe and peace by using the high power wireless anti-explosion jammer

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Posted on 24th May 2016 @ 9:44 AM

As the great importance of privacy being recognized by consumers increasingly nowadays and the quantity of the demanded jammer blockers rise higher then ever before, this high power wireless anti-explosion jammer displaying here will surely be a suitable and professional device for you to get rid of the signal tracing with high working efficiency and the most top advanced standard military technology.

 High Power Wireless Anti-explosion Jammer

Why does this product being the significant tool for the anti-explosion service? The secret lies in both in the features and the functions. As you may noticed, this is a multi functional and considerable device that can be adapted to the blocking frequencies including the cell phone and satellite frequencies. With the certain jammer can block signals in five different frequencies at the same time or separately, signal loss will hardly emerge and the environment full of peace and safety will certainly be created with this simple but powerful jammer.

Usually, the jammer of the similar type acquires a harmonious working circumstance to guarantee the efficiency, but this jammer is so unique to ensure the consumers to receive both the delicate allocation and the miraculous anti-pressure ability. As it is being manufactured in the housing design which is effective in shockproof and shatter-resistance, this is an almighty tool with high flexibility regardless of the tough weather or the temperature variation.

You can apply this wireless portable device in the long working hour up to 2 hours, and the total power output of it is 80W. With the function of bomb disposal and military automobile allocation, this can be a widely used device for the consumers to experience the most refreshed cutting edge technology. More importantly, this is a cute device that being styled in lightweight and portable type, with the gross packed weight around 28KGwith the product size of 56*45.5*26.5 CM.without antenna. It will apparently not cost you much effort and energy on installing.

As the cooling system which is active smart with integrated incoming air filter, this is can be adapted to the operating temperature of -10°to +50° C with the humidity up to 80%. Meanwhile, it also possesses the control of the wireless management control by computer and the  satellite communication systems of thuraya Iridium Elipso Inmarsat Global Star and the Aces Odyssey GPS. In this way, you will easy realize the remote control conveniently of this good performance jammer.

The notes for this jammer should also catch your attention because this can not work when the charging is processing to avoid the danger of burning the jammer, which has no built-in fan. Also, the consumer may lose the authority of free reparation because of the negligence of this factor. Moreover, the power cable, the antennas and the user manual will all be delivered free of charge as the accessories! Just click the details and get more information as you wish!