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What Convenience WiFi and Bluetooth

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What Convenience WiFi and Bluetooth

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Posted on 4th Aug 2016 @ 10:16 AM

WiFi and Bluetooth is a kind of wireless technology that support exchanging data within short distances from the fixed and mobile devices by using the 2.4G frequency band commonly. From this angle the WiFi or the bluetooth create great convenience for people who need to use them to send information and files. Thus WiFi is Cheaper for big businesses as it can connect several systems to one connection. Bluetooth also can be use to send files as well and help people to share the files. And now with the developing of the wireless network, now people can easily use the WiFi network to surf the internet and really bring people a lot of convenience now.

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What Potential Danger WiFi and Bluetooth Bring to Us

Using the Bluetooth and WiFi also brings the disadvantages such as all of your private data stored in your laptop or PDA could be exposed to anyone in the same vicinity. And it is also possible that an unscrupulous person could obtain passwords and important personal information easily from wireless networks if not properly configured. And once the password is known by others it will really be a risk. The most obviously aspect is that it is very possible that your privacy of high secret documents will be attacked by the hacker as being used as the wireless internet they have poor ability to working against the hackers. And on the other hand as both the WiFi and Bluetooth owns the ability to tracking your location and the working principal which is similar to the mobile phone tower location triangulation. So other can know your location easily, which is not for both people’s life and work.

How can you Ensure your Information Won’t be Leaked Out

As now people pay more attention to both the safety and the privacy both in work and daily life and always want to find a good way to prevent their privacy from being attacked or given out. It is high time to gain the safe condition for the network and privacy. So the WiFi signal jammer has be invented to help people solve the problem. As once using the WiFi/Bluetooth jammer soon others will lose the ability to enter your wireless network and you can just use the cable network to ensure your normal using as well. So remove the potential dangers that the WiFi Jammer and Bluetooth Jammers may bring you is of great importance. Then this 11W High Power 2G 3G Cellphone WiFi Bluetooth Signal Blocker is designed for this purpose and is useful, for this high power jammer can not only block both the mobile phone signals, but also WiFi Jammer and Bluetooth Signals.

In a word the WiFi jammer can help you remove information danger well. If you want more choices, just come here in this WiFi/Bluetooth Jammer catalog, both handheld WiFi jammer and desktop WiFi/Bluetooth signal blockers are offered