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What Can You Get If You Own This 315/433/868MHz Remote Control RF Jammer?

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What Can You Get If You Own This 315/433/868MHz Remote Control RF Jammer?

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Posted on 24th Aug 2016 @ 10:16 AM

Standard remote controls of all kinds use three main frequency bands – 315MHz, 433MHz and 868MHz. Those are all remote controls which we use every day of our life, including remotes from TV, air conditioners, garage doors, car locks, toy cars and planes which our kids play in the yard, and many more. All those electronic devices are remotely controlled with the help of one of those three remote control frequency bands. When you have this Three–in–one 315/433/868MHz Portable Remote Control RF Jammer in your hands, there is almost nothing that can hurt your privacy within 10 meters, and you will find it makes things easier to deal with.

Portable 315/433/868MHz Remote Controls RF Jammer

It prevents someone spying on you illegally. Are you annoying about the flying surveillance drones which are thrown into your house by the person that controls it. You must take care of them, since those things have great potential for intelligence agencies. Nowadays even RF controlled toys can spy on you with various wireless cameras or hidden microphones attached on them. The only way you can quietly and effectively stop them is to break connections between drones and their remote controls with the help of our remote control jammers.

It protects my car from car thieves. Since it blocks car remote keyless systems, making it impossible for car thieves to hack into remote keyless systems installed in your car. That's quite a useful jamming device. Car thieves may try to use a code grabber when you’ve tried to lock your car up. And it appears to be that this car remote control blocker can be easily used, just push the button and it will take care of everything else itself. The device comes with fine pieces of Omni-directional antennas, AC adapter and car charger. That means it is adjustable to output power and working frequencies; portable to working inside / outside of house; useable and chargeable directly in car.

It improves the discipline of your kids from watching too much TV programs and toy plying or something like that. As it can block the signals of the TV remote control when they are not willing to do homework and want to watch TV, you can just open the remote control jammer and told them that the TV remote control is out of power or it is broken and coax them to do the home work first.

To conclude, this 315/433/868MHz Remote Control RF jammer helps you in breaking communication of those remote control products which work via the frequencies: toy cars & planes, TVs, fans, flying UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), remotely controlled robots, cars’ remote control keys and others. Owning this remote control jammer, your privacy is protect and your life is easier, which worth that sum.