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Wireless Camera Blocker: Enjoy Your Time and No Worry about Your Privacy

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Wireless Camera Blocker: Enjoy Your Time and No Worry about Your Privacy

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Posted on 31st Aug 2016 @ 9:49 AM

Have you been heard of Wireless Camera Jammer? Wireless camera transmits a video and audio signal to a wireless receiver through a radio band. Then Wireless Camera Jammer works to block the video and audio signal, so that the wireless camera can work at certain range.

3W Powerful Portable Selectable WiFi GPS & All Wireless Bug Camera Jammer

In public places, we often see wireless cameras, which can play a monitoring role, and also can deter criminals. However, wireless cameras also cause inconvenience to us. You may find your neighbor installing a camera, which looks like towards to your house, even your bedroom and bathroom. How do you feel? Feel like eyes are watching on you, and recording video´╝čUncomfortable, isn’t it? Such wireless cameras have bothered our life and violated our privacy.

As we are concerned, many countries will have wireless installing on the public place. Especially in Britain, whether in the bustling streets, or the crowd subway station, railway station, bus station, shops, hospitals and other public places, you can see a familiar sign:” CCTV in operation”. It even happens that they are installed in a policeman's hat. In Britain, as it were, a person wherever they go, can't escape the "eyes" of CCTV, someone called Britain has entered "surveillance society".

If you have concerns about the annoying signals that interrupt you so much in public areas, or when you need more personal space at home, or if you care about your privacy so much, or if you have such concerns about your own thought about get a soft life. Or if you don't want others using wireless cameras that bother you so much, then you can come to have a look at this Handheld Style Powerful Selectable WiFi GPS Jammer & All Wireless Bug Camera Blocker, you will appreciate it.

This Wireless Camera Jammer brings you more convenient to our daily life. Being designed with 5 antennas, this portable selectable all wireless bug camera owns the strong jamming ability which can cut off the signals of 1.0G, 1.1G, 1.2G, 1.3G, 2.4G wireless camera signals and the WiFi 2.4G, Bluetooth and also GPSL1 signal at the same time as well. Thus, not only you can free of being recording video by wireless bug camera, but also get rid of being tracked. Besides, it can be used as wifi Jammer. With the design of the car charger enables it to be applied in the car directly for the car owners as well. And with compact handheld style, you can carry it and use it anywhere and anytime. What a perfect device it is!

If you want to know more details about this Wireless Camera Jammer, just look at the specifications at www.jammerall.com.