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Prevent Eavesdropping With Wireless Video Audio Jammer

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Prevent Eavesdropping With Wireless Video Audio Jammer

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Posted on 11th Oct 2016 @ 10:40 AM

Many people like to watch films, and there are varies of types movies, such as action, comedy, crime, thriller, adventure, biography, thriller, war, etc. Here introduce a Chinese thriller film to you, called Overheard. Overheard is a 2009 Hong Kong crime thriller film written and directed by Alan Mak and Felix Chong. The film stars Lau Ching-wan, Louis Koo and Daniel Wu as a trio of police officers conducting surveillance on a public company. The film was released theatrically in Hong Kong on 2009. A major stock exchange in the world, Hong Kong attracts not only money but any who try to manipulate the market. At the Hong Kong Police Force Commercial Crime Bureau, an operation is underway to infiltrate a trading company, Feng Hua International where a man, nicknamed "Boss" is the chief suspect. The team of Criminal Intelligence Bureau (CIB) officers, led by Inspector Leung (Lau Ching-wan) together with Yeung (Louis Koo) and Lam (Daniel Wu), installs interception devices to monitor the company's communications. Three police officers conduct surveillance on a trading company. One night, two of the officers overhear an executive give a shares tip to his secretary. They wipe the evidence from the records and decide to make a quick killing themselves. The third officer subsequently gets involved, against his better judgment, and the whole affair turns very deadly when the Securities Commission investigates the team. Due to the film's great success, the sequel Overheard 2 began production and was released on 2011 and Overheard 3 was released on 2014.

3W Powerful Portable Selectable WiFi GPS & All Wireless Bug Camera Jammer

If you are attracted by the story of this film, you may just go to the cinema to enjoy it. Fascinating as the movie is, but there is something which can’t be neglected, that is you’ve learned how the company secrets are leaked out via eavesdropping. You may say it is just a movie not real life. But we have to say, you are so naive! Eavesdropping is not unfamiliar in our daily life. Don’t believe that it's never too late to mend. Otherwise, your company will suffer great loss even finish up in failure before you realized. So, as a wise boss or manager, you should consider a wireless video Jammer or wireless audio jammer. Here this Handheld Style Powerful Selectable WiFi GPS Jammer & All Wireless Bug Camera Blocker bug jammer (JM1701111) is for your reference.

This portable wireless bug jammer owns the strong jamming ability which can cut off the signals of 1.0G, 1.1G, 1.2G, 1.3G, 2.4G wireless camera signals and the WiFi 2.4G, Bluetooth and also GPSL1 signal at the same time as well. And with 3W high power output depending on the signal strength in the detailed place, the jamming distance is up to 20 meters at most. What’s more, since this wireless camera jammer is designed with the selectable buttons, you can jam the frequency bands according to your real needs. And with the design of the car charger enables it to be applied in the car directly for the car owners as well. And with compact handheld style, you can carry it and use it anywhere and anytime. For more information please see the specifications at the product page.