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How does a cell phone jammer work?

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How does a cell phone jammer work?

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Posted on 10th Dec 2021 @ 9:00 AM

Before we know the working principle of cell phone signal jammer, we should know how a mobile phone works. It can be difficult to track this process without first understanding the cell phone signal. Mobile phones work by sending signals to cell towers. The cell tower that receives the signal depends on the location of the phone, and the cell tower distributes the workload through a specific area. So when you travel with a cell phone, the cell phone sends signals to different towers, based on the working principle, the cell phone signal jammer works by sending radio frequencies to the same tower. It will mimic your phone's signal and suppress it, basically sending out a signal at the same frequency as your phone. This signal is strong enough to exceed your cell phone signal, interfering with the device's signal and eventually colliding with your cell phone signal. As a result, the mobile phone fails to receive any signal.

What’s the blocking range on the cell phone jammer? It depends on the power of the cell phone jammer. Small pocket handheld phone jammers can usually block only 20-30 feet, while very powerful military-grade jammers can block up to a quarter of a mile or more. The output power, in Watts, is usually a good unit of measurement to determine how powerful the jammer is and its range.

We were educated to be good people when we are in child time, and a lot of kids remember that. So when they see someone else in trouble, we’re willing to help. That’s good. We as the jammer professional seller will offer you different kinds of jammer products as your need. As we all know, some bad guys are using the mobile phone to get what they want. For example, some people use the tracking and recording function of the cell phone to get the information they want. So, we have to be careful. We should keep a clear mind while protecting ourselves. Get a mobile phone signal jammer to avoid such situation to happen. Once turn on the cell phone jammer, this process can result in a loss of communication between the cell phone and the cell tower. And we will ensure a safe environment which there is no cell phone signal can disturb you anymore. What are you looking for? Welcome to use to know more details about the jammer kit.

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